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投资帮导读: 作者:克莱尔》投资零距离:美国高通风投基金投资印度上门医疗公司 Portea Medical》水落现石头:Perrigo 以1.1亿美元将原...

》投资零距离:美国高通风投基金投资印度上门医疗公司 Portea Medical

》水落现石头:Perrigo 以1.1亿美元将原料药业务出售给 SK Capital

》玩的就是心跳?LivaMova 决定将绩优的心律管理业务 CRM 出售

》放手或许是爱的一种?Takeda 拆分肿瘤等业务单元,携手 VC 扶持新公司!

私募融资 & IPO

1.投资零距离:美国高通风投基金投资印度上门医疗公司 Portea Medical

概要:美国高通公司的风投基金(Qualcomm Ventures,以下简称 QCOM)近日宣布向Portea Medical 追加 C 轮投资。Portea Medical 是位于印度的一家上门医疗服务平台,C 轮融资目前已达 2600 万美元。QCOM 的投资标的集中于移动设备行业,对该行业在印度的发展前景非常看好。


Qualcomm Ventures Continues Investment In Portea Medical

Nov 24, 2017

Qualcomm Ventures (QCOM) has participated in the latest funding round for fast-growing Portea Medical. Portea is developing aplatform to provide a range of home-based healthcare services to the Indiamarket. Qualcomm’s follow-on investment in Portea is part of a wider interest in growing India-based,mobile-enabled startups that are catching QCOM’s eye.

From website:

With Portea, you can be sure that you will receive hospital-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. We provide doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists for home visits who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors. We facilitate lab tests at home and medical equipment rentals, making health care more accessible for our patients. Portea Medical’s clinical procedures were developed in consultation with leading home healthcare professionals in the United States, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality medical care; all of our doctors are members of international medical accreditation bodies. As a result of using our services, our patients are able to stay in their homes longer, save money, and have peace of mind.

Source: SeekingAlpha


1. 水落现石头:Perrigo 以1.1亿美元将原料药业务出售给 SK Capital

概要:位于美国纽约PE公司SK Capital近日以1.1亿美元从Perrigo手中收购其原料药业务。Perrigo于1887年成立于爱尔兰都柏林,宗旨是销售“可负担得起”的医疗产品,包括品牌非处方药。Perrigo的原料药业务总部在以色列,在出售给SK Capital后将命名为Wavelength Pharmaceuticals。根据Perrigo的CEO,此次交易将帮助公司更好地专注自身的核心业务。


SK Capital acquires Wavelength Pharmaceuticalsfrom Perrigo

Nov 22, 2017

Private equity firm SKCapital has reached a deal to acquire the active pharmaceutical ingredients(API) business owned by Perrigo Co. plc (NYSE: PRGO) for approximately $110million. The divestiture comes as Perrigo plans to focus on its core business. "Today's announcement furthers the strategic review process announced when I became CEO,” states Perrigo CEO John Hendrickson. “Actions taken as part of this review process have enabled us to simplify, focus and execute on our core businesses.” Hendrickson adds that Perrigo is continuing to look at “capital deployment opportunities” as well.

Founded in 1887, Perrigois a Dublin, Ireland-based healthcare company that distributes “affordable”healthcare products including store branded over-the-counter medicines. The seller also supplies infant formulas for the store brand sector. Perrigo’s API business, which is based in Israel, is being renamed to WavelengthPharmaceuticals as part of SK Capital’s deal. Wavelength Pharmaceuticals develops generic APIs and finished dose forms for a blue-chipcustomer base. The target also has operations in the U.S. and India. "We believe," according to SK Capital managing director Aaron Davenport,"that Wavelength represents a strong platform for further add-on and trans formational acquisitions and are already actively pursuing several opportunities. " New York-based SK Capital invests between $100 million and $200 million in businesses in the materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors. The firm manages approximately $1.9 billion in assets.In June, SK Capital bought two chemical manufacturing companies called WesternInc. and Tri-Tex Co. In 2016, SK Capital bought a majority stake in ingredients producer Niacet Corp. The firm also backed wine ingredients supplier AEB Groupand pharmaceutical chemicals provider Halo Pharmaceutical in 2015.

Source: Mergers &Acquisitions


概要:位于英国伦敦的医疗公司LivaNova近期宣布将于2018年第二季度正式将其旗下的Cardiac Rhythm Management(心律管理,以下简称CRM)业务卖给其合资人MicroPort Scientific。LivaNova的CRM业务专攻心力衰竭和心律不齐等病症的诊疗器械(如除颤器、起搏器、心脏再同步治疗器械等)的研发和销售。公司自2014年就和MicroPort Scientific在中国成立了合资公司,其中Rega起搏器在中国获批,成为中国市场上型号最小的起搏器之一。CRM在欧洲和日本市场的成绩也非常显著,在2016财年为公司创下了2.49亿美元的净销售额。但由于LivaNova高层认为CRM业务不再适应公司发展的新方向,公司自去年9月起就在寻找其CRM的买主。

VC/PE/M&A. Healthcare Weekly(2017.11.27)


LivaNova to offload Cardiac Rhythm unit for$190M

Nov 20, 2017

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